Here at CFR, we work with our personal training clients in a goal-driven structure, customizing the training plan to their exact needs and current fitness level.  Whether you're a first-time gym goer, a weight-loss trainee, or a sport-specific athlete looking to up your game, we can help.

We have deep experience working with:

  • Novice trainees and first-time gym goers
  • Weight loss and body composition change efforts
  • Sport-specific field athletes
  • Endurance athletes 
  • Competitive weightlifters

Regardless of your personal goals, we'll work with you one-on-one to develop a plan of action, couched in solid programming and good nutrition habits.  Even better, we'll keep you accountable for results (something often missing in "big box" personal training programs) and ensure you stay on track.

We begin all personal training engagements with a FREE one-on-one consultation.  Sit down with us at the gym to talk about your goals, get a realistic timeframe for achieving them, and receive a day-to-day action plan on what it will take to get there.  This is a no-obligation opportunity to see if the personal training program at CFR is a good match for your needs, with no nonsense and no hard sell.

Click below to learn more and sign up for your free one-on-one with our expert coaches.  On the next page, you'll provide a few pieces of information, and we'll contact you right away to get started.

Personal Training Rates:

  • Individual Assessment: $175, 3-5 hours over 3 sessions
  • One individual session: $60
  • Package of 8 sessions: $440

Semi-private training:

  • One session for 2-3 people: $50/person
  • Package of 8 session: $300/person