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Gym is CLOSED this Wednesday 07/04/18...Happy 4th of July!


Kid's Camp:  Sign Up ASAP!! (Link to Register)

Session 2: Ages 9-14: July 9-13th: 10am-1pm
Session 3: Ages 9-14: August 13-17th: 10am-1pm

Saturday, July 7th:  Tommy WOD...sign up sheet for Habitat shirts (to raise $ for Tommy's House in Springfield) is on the whiteboard!

Saturday, August 18th:  Beer Mile and BBQ




Warm Up:


1:00 Deadbug

10 Empty Bar Back Squats

10 M Spiderman Crawl

Back Squat:

Back Squat:  3 X 10, Heavier Than on 6/22



20 Toe Up, Knee Up, KB Raise (10 Per Leg)

5 Gluteham Drops w/ Explosive Push Up



DB Thrusters

60 M Sandbag Push

Auxiliary Work:

Belt Squat:  Load it up to a pretty heavy weight...

Start hole closest in & go for broke, then immediately move back a hole, and continue for all 4 holes.

Shoot for a Minimum of 10 Reps Per Set


Post results to SugarWOD!