02/19/18: 12.1

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Sunday, March 4th:  4th Annual Northeastern States Weightlifting Open:  The 4th Annual Northeastern States Weightlifting Open will be hosted at CrossFit Revelation on Sunday, March 4th.  This is a sanctioned USAW meet, and will likely sell out, so sign up soon at connecticutweightlifting.com!

Saturday, June 16th:  2nd Annual CFR Charity Marathon Row:  The CFR Charity row is back! We have selected Wade's Army as our row charity and are setting a new goal of raising over $15,000 for them. Wade's Army was founded by the Welbourn and DeBruin families to recruit others to use their power for good and bring the fight to pediatric cancer. This year's row will be held at Sonny's Place on June 16th 2018 with registration starting at 8am and the marathon row starting at 9am. We have the same rules as last year, teams of 5ppl with a minimum raised of $500.00 per team. We made it really easy to sign up this year. The link below will take you to this year's fundraising page on CrowdRise where you can donate, sign up a team, or join an existing team. To create a team just click on the large grey button that says "Setup Your Fundraiser" and you are all set. To join an existing team just click on one of the "Team Pages" on the bottom of event page and sign up. Once you are all signed feel free to share your team page or the event page with anyone and everyone you want to. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at to Scott Montemerlo @:  scottmontemerlo@gmail.com.  https://www.crowdrise.com/crossfitrevelationscharityrow





Boot Camp:


(Same As Classic Programming)


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Classic CrossFit:


Warm Up:


Skill Work:

10 Minutes of Handstand Practice


12.1:  AMRAP 7

Burpees to 6'' Target

NOTE:  If you competed in the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, compare today's score to your score from WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY back then.  


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Heavy Program:


Warm Up:


:30 Plank

10 Supermen

3R/3L:  Seesaw Walk w/ Light DB's

Movement Prep:

3X: 10 M Heel to Butt/Knee to Chest/Spiderman Crawl

Speed Warm Up:

2R/2L:  Open Step to 10 M Sprint and Catch

2x15 M Push Up Start Sprint

2x15 M Tall to Fall Start

5x20 M Fly Starts

Intensity Sprints:


Sprint 10 M/Turn 180

Sprint 10 M/Turn 180

Sprint 10 M

Low Body Push:

Back Squat:  3x5

Guys:  Add 5# to Last Session

Ladies:  Add 2.5# to Last Session

Upper Body Push:

Press:  3x5

Guys:  Add 2.5# to Last Session

Ladies:  Add 1.25# to Last Session


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