"You Compete Me" Couples Throwdown! 


First event will start at 9am. Plan on arriving at the gym for 8:30am.



2017 CrossFit Open:  Feb. 23-March 27:  Where grassroots meets greatness: Compete with hundreds of thousands of athletes in five workouts over five weeks. Do it for fun, your affiliate family, fitness or to reach regionals and fight for a chance to make it to the CrossFit Games.  Sign up for $20, do the workouts, enter your scores and you will be ranked in relation to the peers in your age division, competition region, state and country.  Workouts are released online each Thursday and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores.  (NOTE:  CFR programs the Open workouts for Saturday's and that is when the majority of the community does them together, though there will be opportunities to complete the workouts other days as necessary.)  

Paleo/Zone Nutrition Challenge:  We will be running a Nutrition Challenge to coincide with the CrossFit Open season...more details TBA!





WOD 1: Team Karen

300 Wallballs for time- 20/14

-Athletes start on opposite side of gym

-Every time ball stops moving, athletes must switch who is doing the work.

-To switch, athlete must run back to starting position and tag teammate. 

- Once 300 wall balls are completed, athlete must run back and tag teammate for conclude workout/end time.

- 15 Min Time Cap

- Score = Time


WODs 2 & 3:  AMRAP 10

-WOD 2 Max Cal Row

-WOD 3 Max Double Unders (3 singles = 1 double)

-Athletes must switch positions every 2 Minutes

-Score for WOD 2 = Total Calories

- Score for WOD 3 = Total Doubles


WOD 4:  The Chipper

40 Box Jumps/ Step ups- 24/20

30 Power Cleans- 95/65

20 Burpees

10 Deadlifts- 225/ 135

20 Burpees

30 Power Cleans

40 Box Jumps

-One athlete works at a time

- Divide work anyway

-Must tag to switch

-To switch, athlete must run back to starting position and tag teammate. 

- 12 min Cap

-Score = Time or reps completed