05/21/16: Teams of 2 and Mini Murph



Summer Deal for College Students:  Welcome home for the summer!  We're offering our college students the same deal as previous years:  $250 for Unlimited Training while you're home...call, email or stop by the gym to sign up/get started!

Spring Fling:  Saturday, June 11th @ 10am:  We will be having our First Annual Spring Fling Partner Competition!  This will be a fun and friendly competition with 3 WODs throughout the day.  Grab a partner and sign up at the gym!

Gymnastics Class:  Wednesday's @ 6:30pm: We are happy to welcome our new gymnastics coach, Ian, who will run our Wednesday 6:30 gymnastics skill class!  Ian will pick a movement and focus on this movement throughout the course of multiple weeks. Each week he will break the movement down into sequential parts, building on previous weeks.  All our encouraged and welcome to attend at no charge!

Kettlebell Kitchen Meal Delivery:  The complete menu, along with ingredient lists and nutrition facts can be found here on their website.  Ordering instructions and FAQs can be found here.




A.) Team 2K Row

*While one partner rows, other partner must hold barbell at hips- 255/185#

*Partner cannot row unless barbell is in the air


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