2/3/17- Week 11, Day 3



Up Coming Meets:


Northeastern States Championship: March 5th, at CFR- Registration HERE.


Leg Program


A.) Clean and Jerk- build up fast to a max

B.) Back Squat: max 1- 2″ above, then 95%/1 full depth


The Program


A.) Snatch- 60x3/ 65x3/ 70x2/ 75x2/ 70x2

B.) Clean and Jerk- 60x3/ 65x3/ 70x2/ 75x2/ 70x2

C.) Front Squat- 60x2/ 70x2/ 80x2/ 85x2/ 90x2/ 95x1/ 80x3/ 85x2/ 90x1

D.) Push Press- 60x2/ 65x2/ 70x2/ 75x2

E.) Sn Pulls- 105x2 (4x)