01/18/17: Week 9, Day 2



Leg Program


A.) FS: 3 seconds in bottom, 10 seconds in top, Max, then 85% 3×3

B.) OHS- 80% of Sn- 3x3 w/ a 2 sec pause in hole

C.) Push Press- 100% of strict press 5x3

D.) Wheel Roll outs- 10, every other, 5x (roll out far as possible)


The Program


A.) Power Sn- 60x1/ 65x1/ 70x1/ 75x1/ 80x1/ 70x3 (3x)

B.) Push Press- 60x3/ 65x3/ 70x3 (2x

C.) Back Squat- 60x3/ 70x3/ 80x3/ 85x3/ 90x1/ 95x1/ 80x3/ 85x2/ 90x1

D.) Sn Pull- 95x2 (4x)

E.) Romanian Deadlift- 90x5 (4x) - of clean