1/13/17: Week 8- Day 3


Leg Program


A.) Clean and Jerk- 50x5/ 55x3/ 60x3/ 65x3/70x3/75x3/80x3 (3x)

B.) Back Squat:

Always warm up with full depth, ex. 35%x5, 45%x3, 55%x3,65x3

Back Squat: Max 1 2″ above, then 93%/2 full depth

C.) Cl Second Pull- build to max triple


The Program


A.) Power Sn- 60x2/ 65x2/ 70x2 (2x)/ 75x2 (2x)

B.) Clean + Jerk- 2+2 w/ 60/ 2+2 w/ 65/ 2+2 w/70 (2x)/ 2+2 w/ 75 (2x

C.) Back Squat- 60x3/ 70x3/ 80x3 (2x)/ 85x3

D.) Cl Pull- 90x3 (2x)/ 95x3 (3x)