04/15/16: Week 8- Day 5


Programming will now be broken down into two option: 

3 Timers: is designed for athletes who cannot recovery quickly enough to train 5x per week. These athletes find their training to be better when using 3-4 lifts per training day and taking a rest between training days. Lifts will be very similar to the 5 day schedule, just condensed into 3 sessions with some small other changes. 

5 Timers: is designed for the athlete who can handle the volume of training 5x per week. Training sessions will use 2 lifts per day, 5 days a week. 




A.) Clean and Jerk-  50x5/ 55x3/ 60x3/ 65x3/70x3/75x3/80x3

B.) Cl Pull- 105% of clean x 3 (3x)

C.) Cl Second Pull- build to max triple

D) Belt Squat- med x 50

E) Glutham Raises- 10 (3x)




A.) Back Squat:

Always warm up with full depth, ex. 35%/5, 45%/3, 55%/3,65%/2,75%/2, 85%/1, 

Max 1 -2″ above, then 93%/2 full depth

B.) Cl Second Pull- build to max triple

C.) Belt Squat- med x 50

D.) Glutham Raises- 10 (3x)