12/9/16: Day 3




Leg Program


A.) Snatch- block mid thigh- 55x5/ 65x5/ 75x5/ 80x5 (2x)

B.) BN Jerk- max jerk from the front x 2 (3x)

C.) Back Squat:

Always warm up with full depth, ex. 35%x5, 45%x3, 55%x3,65x3

Find max Triple= 4″ above parallel, then 88%-3×3 full depth

D.) Seated Box Jumps- 5, high as possible, 5x


The Program- Deload


A.) Snatch- 50x5/ 55x5/ 60x5/ 65x5

B.) Clean and Jerk- 50x5/ 55x5/ 60x5/ 65x5

C.) Back Squat- 60x3/ 70x3/ 80x3/ 85x3 (2x)/ 80x3

D.) Push Press- 60x4/ 65x4/ 70x4 (2x)

E.) Clean Pulls- 90x3 (4x)

F.) Press- 75 x 3 (4x)- of press

G.) Sn Pulls- 85x3 (4x)