12/19/16: Week 5


Leg Program


A.) Sn Bal- 50x5/ 60x4/ 70x3/ 80x2 (3x)- off max sn bal

B.) Back Squat: 5RM, then -5 & -10% for 5

C.) Sn Pull- pause at knee/ pause mid thigh/ pause hip/ Shrug


D1.) 45 sec plank

D2.) 30 sec Iso GHD Hold, 3x


The Program


Snatch- 50x3/ 60x3/ 70x3/ 75x3/ 70x3

Clean and Jerk- 50x3/ 60x3/ 70x3/ 75x3/ 70x3

Jerk- 60x3/ 70x3/ 80x3 (2x)/ 85x3 (2x)

Back Squat- 60x4/ 70x4/ 80x4 (4x)

Press- 70x4 (5x) - of press

Sn Pull- 85x4 (4x)