11/25/16: Day 3


For the next 12 weeks there will be two options for the program. A leg focused program and a more technique focused program that will also increase overall strength. Pick a program, stick with it, don't switch back and forth. 

We will be training 3x per week, each session ranging from 1:30-2 hours. 


Leg Program


A.) Back Squat:

Always warm up with full depth, ex. 35%x5, 45%x3, 55%x3,65x3

Find max Triple= 4″ above parallel, then 85%-3×3 full depth

B.) BN Jerk- 60x4/ 70x3 (5)- off best BN Jerk

C.) Push Press- 5x5 w/ medium/ heavy weight

D.) 3x

20 Tea Pots- 10 per side

10 Med ball sit ups


The Program


A.) Snatch- 50x5/ 60x5/ 65x5/ 70x5/ 65x5

B.) Clean and Jerk- 2+1 w/ 60/ 2+1 w/ 70/ 2+1 w/ 75 (3x)

C.) Back Squat- 60x3/ 70x3/ 80x3 (3x)

D.) Jerk from behind neck- 80x3 (4x)

E.) Sn Pull- 90x3 (4x)

F.) Romanian Deadlift- 85x4 (4x)